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Bookkeeping and training

Quinlan Consulting Team’s (QCT) foundation is in management accounting. With an MBA from Monash University and over 20 years’ experience as a CPA, Tom Quinlan started the business providing bookkeeping services to clients across Melbourne. The scope of the service offering progressed past just bookkeeping into larger accounting software, enterprise wide accounting software implementations and management accounting services.

Then in 2005, the Quinlan Training division was established. The focus was on teaching MYOB and accounting theory to individuals looking to expand their knowledge beyond their tertiary education and transition into accounting careers with practical experience. As one of the first of its kind, the training division grew exponentially and in 2007, the official Quinlan Consulting Mentor Programme was born. Supported by a team of expert trainers, Tom has mentored over 1,800 professionals who have gone on to secure paid accounting, bookkeeping or finance roles due to the exposure and skills gained in the Mentor Programme.

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Our Story

Expanding into new states

With the introduction of the Government’s regulation of the bookkeeping industry in 2009, QCT secured its BAS Agent registration. As rogue operators were forced out of the industry, QCT continued to grow in size and in 2011, expanded its Accounting and Bookkeeping as well as its Training divisions into Sydney, followed by Brisbane and then Perth in 2013.

As a partner to businesses across a wide variety of industries, QCT’s understanding of operations, sales and revenue enabled the offering of proactive and strategic guidance. With a strong ability to identify opportunities for businesses using a co-design approach, QCT continued to develop and implement transparent solutions targeted at increasing sales, building brands and optimising growth. To support the growing needs of QCT’s clients, in 2017 the Quinlan Tax division was launched, followed by Quinlan Marketing in 2018.

Our Story

Building strengths into 2021

Recognising the importance of good people practices to enable business success, in 2019, Tom partnered with two highly experienced Human Resources professionals to launch EQ People. Tom and EQ People’s HR Principals partner with business leaders to develop and implement strategic and operational HR solutions that specifically meet individual business requirements.

As a trusted partner, QCT values developing strong working relationships and being part of your business journey. Combining your industry and operational knowledge with our proven expertise and business acumen will enable you to negotiate and close deals, strengthen your influence, improve people performance, develop and monitor sound strategic business plans and build sustainable profits.