Mentoring for small business

Mentoring support for small business

Business Advisory and Coaching from Quinlan Consulting  

As part of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Recovery and Resilience Program, Quinlan Consulting Team delivered over 1000 two-hour sessions to help businesses navigate the challenges of Covid-19. We’re grateful for the opportunity to have been able to support businesses during this difficult time. 


Although the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Recovery and Resilience Program has closed, Quinlan Consulting Team continues to offer tailored business advisory and coaching services to small businesses in Victoria, as well as nationally. Having met and supported so many businesses during a time which was challenging and uncertain for most, our team of experts have ‘seen it all’ and are experienced to help any business face problems head on and plan for future growth.  

Our company booklet outlines the full range of services we offer and below you can see a few examples of the types of tasks as well as who in our team can help you. We are proud of our depth of experience and hands-on approach.   

Please see some of our client testimonials at the bottom of this page.
Our team of experts can provide guidance and support in areas such as:

  • Business Strategy: Tom Quinlan, Sara Young.
  • Determining your pricing to customers: Geoff Thomson or Ankush Mittal
  • Budgeting, cashflow, understanding your business performance: Ankush Mittal or Tom Quinlan
  • Xero, MYOB, QBO training (all levels): Yagnesh Purohit or Ankush Mittal
  • Digital solutions, integration of software, technical support: Ankush Mittal
  • Tax Planning: Steven Tan
  • Find new clients via website builds: Julia Gralberg or Christian Underwood
  • Social media and SEO traffic generation to your website: Danielle MacInnes or Julia Gralberg
  • Find new clients via public relations, website content enhancements, booklet content, creative design, flyers: Julia Gralberg
  • Optimising employee performance, recruitment, FWA help, contracts, procedures and policies, general HR: Julie Quinlan or Angie Jones
  • Financial grants: Ankush Mittal
  • Anything else: Tom Quinlan


We understand that every business is unique and has different needs, which is why we work with our clients to customise solutions that fit their specific requirements. If you’re a small business owner looking for expert advice and support, please get in touch with Tom Quinlan (0416 255 355) to learn how we can help you achieve your goals. 

  • “Thank you again to you and your team for support last year and education to us. We were very happy with our experience and have set-up a lot more processes and understanding regarding business monitoring, quoting and planning/team input.”

    Holcon Homes
  • Thank you for this, Chris,

    Very beneficial session, it was… Also, the report came in very handy. The whole process is amazing.

    Much much appreciated!…

    Ekin Aluminium
  • I engaged in a simple, informal chat with Christian regarding a few IT and marketing queries I had within my business that I just couldn’t resolve completely on my own. That conversation prompted me to begin implementing subtle changes which would have a significant impact on the efficient running of my website. Overall, Christian’s ability to answer complex questions in a clear way, not full of jargon, allowed me to make connections and find solutions which otherwise I may not have thought of. Sometimes talking to an expert can confuse you even more but when you talk to the right expert you get exactly what you need. In this case, the latter is my experience with Christian at Quinlan Marketing.

    Urban Built Designs
    Anna Moran
  • I think the VCCI Business Mentor program is the best initiative the state government has ever had having been in business for 21 years!!

    Our partnering with Quinlan Consulting was a perfect fit. We have been able to take on board suggestions and strategies to strengthen and improve our business into the future. It has also been pivotal in inspiring us through COVID 19 by looking with fresh eyes at our team and better ways we can all contribute and have a happy and healthy work environment.

    Looking forward to working with you guys well into the future!

    Virginia Walsh
  • I would wholeheartedly recommend Tom and his team!  Well worth applying today

    In Flight Graphics
  • “A quick email to say thanks for everything so far. All the people you have put me onto have been awesome & really know their stuff.

    From Laura I have found an awesome tech & Angie has been great with all the contract stuff. Everything has been super beneficial & makes me look super professional – so thankyou 🙏”

    Featured in Mobile Audio Concepts

    Mobile Audio Concepts
  • I was lucky enough to come into contact with Quinlan Consulting Team through the VCCI business mentoring program.  They offer such a broad range of services and I was pleasantly surprised how much we got out of 8 hours across different areas to help with sales, marketing and navigating Covid as a small business.  As a photographer, I know how to get the images just right; Quinlan Consulting knows how to research, advise and produce material to advertise your services and then market it to the public as a small business.  They are across accounting, performance and marketing.

    Initially Tom and Christian assessed my business in depth which involved a lot of research and a report was written.  From there some strategies were devised and plans created for the future. Sara and her team transformed my promotional material into a compelling story about my business that encourages people to see what sets me apart from my competitors. The final product was 100% better than the material I gave her at the start. Her feedback was helpful and always on-point. I will definitely be using

    Quinlan Consulting services again and feel very lucky to have been involved in the VCCI mentoring session.

    Thank you guys

    Karen Wilson Photography
    Karen Wilson
  • “I can’t fault you guys, especially not really knowing what I needed.

    Everyone was knowledgeable, punctual, easy to communicate with. Got the job done without a fuss.

    Overall one happy chap.”

    Davenport Physiotherapy
    Liam Davenport
  • “As a small business owner, it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day running of the business, especially in a creative industry,” Caroline says. “Sara Young and Quinlan Consulting helped me to develop a clear structure and plan. They formed a firm understanding of my business and gave me advice on where I could make improvements. Sara was always available if I needed to contact her about anything.”

    Featured in Kochiesbusinessbuilders

    Food Stylist
    Caroline Velik
  • Eye-watering, sobering advice driving my organisation to a whole different level. Tom’s ability to disect a balance sheet, pinpoint the levers for growth and to get a rattled business owner on track for greatness are unparalleled. Ignore him and his awesome team at your peril. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how comprehensive these guys are!

    Dean Denny
  • This is very helpful and you have covered knowledge and suggested some better solutions that I never thought of.

    Victoria Ductwork & Sheetmetal
    Christine Li
  • Thankyou. You’re the expert.

    This last couple days has seen a further influx of new jobs and clients. Quite remarkable what the right advice and action plan will do for you. Although I’m not the type to ask for assistance, I accept that I need it. So thankyou once again.

    PM Town Planning
    Pauline Maltzis