Our Approach

Our approach is simple

Our experts ensure you optimise the value of your business by identifying what has happened, what is happening and what could happen, then help develop a custom plan that is right for you and your business. We can assist you with a micro problem or discuss strategies aimed at growing your business.


We want to look under the hood. Our experts analyse your P&L, balance sheet, KPIs, budget, business plan and, organisational chart and values.


Do you have a budget or KPIs? We will evaluate your accounts to establish the full picture of your business’s current situation.


We show you trends for sales segments, profit, employee turnover, and other key metrics impacting your business. We can conduct an in-depth competitor analysis.


We review all marketing & communication systems and processes to ensure databases and websites are being sufficiently leveraged.


Agree and document goals, then track and record results. We conduct a detailed review of areas that require critical focus.


We set up reporting schedules to ensure timely and transparent feedback to help you make informed, critical business decisions.

Our Approach

The benefits delivered to your business through our expert advisory services

  • Empower yourself with emerging techniques to monitor business growth and performance.
  • Removie the burden of underperforming staff and enable your team to succeed with our skilled People and Culture experts.
  • Our Critical, Design Thinking and Agile approach insights fast-tracking growth and profit maximising strategy.
  • Access the power of our Netwrok to fast track new business opportunities.
  • Deliver your team a roadmap by sharing customised departmental budgets and goals.
  • Peace of mind by having your tax returns and financial reports completed by experts and in a way that maximises outcomes for you and your buisness.
  • Access to Experts in Graphic Design, Project Management, General Management, Data Management and Finance, with CFO's, CA's, CPA's and MBA's.
Consulting Business

The process of our approach

Quinlan Consulting Team has an approach that partners with your business to grow. See the benefits delivered to your business through expert led advisory services.

1. Connect

Meet the team

2. Appreciate

Learn the vision

3. Investigate

Identify issues

4. Integrity

Set plan to eliminate issues

5. Improve

Implement integrity plan

6. Innovate learning

Embed knowledge into team

7. Tools

Workshop KPIs & reporting requirements

8. Design

Architect management reporting

9. Analysis

Variance reporting

10. Celebrate Success

Reward positive outcomes

11. Continue journey

Establish new strategic goals