Director ID

If you are a company Director or Director of a corporate trustee, you must apply for a Director ID number through the ABRS before 30 November 2022.

Each Director will need to apply for their own ID. We cannot apply for a Director ID on your behalf.

If there are two or more directors for the corporate trustee or company, each director will need to apply separately.

The number you are assigned is permanently linked to you. You will not get a different number if you start or join a new company.

We highly recommend you apply at least 4 days before the deadline. There are no current extension options available that we are aware of.


What is needed to apply

When applying you will need:

  • myGovID app set up to a Standard identity strength
  • your tax file number (TFN)
  • your residential address as held in Australian Taxation Office (ATO) records
  • answer two questions based on the following ATO records. You do not need all these documents. Often the TFN number is sufficient.
    • bank account details
    • notice of assessment
    • Income Statement / PAYG payment summary
    • Centrelink payment summary
    • super account details (this does NOT include SMSFs)
    • dividend statement.


How to apply for the Director ID

  1. Visit ABRS and log in using your myGovID.
  2. Answer two questions to establish your identity.
  3. Complete your director ID application on ABRS and receive your director ID instantly.


What to do with the Director ID number once you have it

Once you have a Director ID you may, like me, wonder how you connect the Director ID number to the company or companies you are a Director. Per the Asic extract below you are not required to link them. Our recommendation is that you print the Director ID number document and file a hard copy with your company incorporation documented. Your company Secretary would often handle the filing process of the document into your hard copy register.

Am I required to provide my director ID to ASIC or companies?

Currently there is no requirement to provide your director ID to ASIC or to the companies you’re a director of.


How long does it take

Tom completed his in about 25 minutes. Most of that time was getting myGovID set up. To download the myGovID app (if you don’t already have it), find your required proof of ID documents, set up myGovID, and then answer the questions for the Director ID will likely take you 20-60 minutes.


We are here to help

Whilst Director’s legally must complete the application themselves, we are here to help guide you through if needed. We can log into your machine via Zoom, Teams, Team Viewer etc, and walk you through step by step. To arrange a time for this email and we will schedule a time to log in and help you. The time will be charged at $75+ GST per hour. You will need to have your Tax File Number available.  We will have limited availability to schedule sessions on 29 or 30 November.