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Every business owner had the motivation to take a risk and back themselves when starting their business. An employee caught in a bad company or role can transition employment easier than a business owner who is invested in their own business. A business morphs into the owner’s financial livelihood and often that of their family. Businesses success is linked to the owner’s personal pride and legacy. Often there is simply no option to fail. Covid has cruelly removed control from business owners via temporary store closures, reduced or no sales for extended periods, and yet more paperwork around compliance and HR challenges. Business owners do not want cash handouts – they want help! Help in the form of technical guidance to deliver a tangible solution. During closures owners want to feel a sense of purpose. The mental benefits of improving their business for when restrictions ease is enormous in helping participants through these dark times.

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) is a Victorian Business organisation. The Business Recovery and Resilience Program pairs professionals with business owners to help them navigate the impacts caused by COVID-19 and provide guidance and strategic business support with Victorian Government backing. This program is free for businesses who qualify. Business owners receive four, 2-hour sessions with a business mentor who provides support and guidance on the immediate impacts on their business as well as develop long terms plans to achieve growth and success. The program hand selected leading mentors, such as Quinlan Consulting Team, which ensures that local businesses are being matched with the highest-level professionals.

As a business owner and CPA with 20 years of experience, Tom Quinlan understands the day to day as well as strategic challenges of starting and growing a successful company. When Tom heard of the VCCI Business Recovery and Resilience Program, he felt drawn to get himself and his team involved as he is aware of the dedication and risk involved in operating a personal business. The impacts of COVID-19 on business have been profound, especially in Victoria. With control of operating a business harshly seized due to the pandemic, Tom and his team understand the level of fortitude required by local businesses and the support they require to keep their business afloat in a bleak environment.

Quinlan Consulting Team was approved as a VCCI Business Mentor and has been helping business owners since the program commenced in September 2020. Quinlan Consulting Team has experience across all industries and being approved at the very start of the VCCI program has seen them support over 70 businesses in the program already, each with their own personal story. They have helped businesses across all sectors to develop and implement unique, customised solutions. The program has uncovered shonky so called ‘professionals’ that many of these small businesses had previously engaged. It is said that ‘You don’t know what you don’t know,’ and Quinlan has shown business owners the value of a true professional mentor in enabling them to take back control, even in areas they maybe did not have confidence in prior. The VCCI program has enlightened participants to best practice consulting in functions across HR, marketing, finance, budgeting, and strategy.

The VCCI Business Recovery and Resilience Program offers tailored guidance in 5 key areas: Business Recovery, Market Transformation, Digital Literacy and Engagement, Marketing and Supply Chain Diversification, Reskilling and Training. Tom Quinlan and his team of approved VCCI Business Mentor experts deliver the guidance to business owners in all these areas. Owners discover an advantage of selecting Quinlan Consulting Team is their breadth of skill. This often results in owners navigating to a completely different area of support to what they originally anticipated when they enrolled in the program. With the level of uncertainty that we all face as Victorians, having direct access to a CPA, Tax professional, HR expert, or Marketing specialist at a moment’s notice can feel like a lifeline. Their company booklet outlines the full range of services.

A huge benefit of the VCCI program is the trust participants feel on day one. They trust that the Victorian government and VCCI have vetted mentors which fast tracks the mentoring by weeks. An urban planning business owner assisted by Tom opened up about the mental and financial stress they’ve endured due to impacts of Covid, both personally and professionally. The participant needed clients but claimed “I don’t think social media is for me or my business”. The participant worked with Quinlan’s digital marketing expert for two sessions and agreed to “give it a go between meeting two and three”. Two days later they emailed Tom in amazement and pride that they had landed their first new client in months. This is the empowerment the program is delivering; empowerment which a few hundred-dollar cash handout cannot achieve. Other client testimonial examples are shown here. Quinlan Consulting Team’s success in the VCCI program, and in general, is the result of the knowledge and experience Tom and the team of experts deliver to its clients; also, worth noting is that their senior leadership team is comprised of 70% women.

Running a small business can be lonely, particularly when faced with the uncertainty of restrictions, lockdowns, and the impact they all have on the national and local economy, now and into the future. The value of just being able to talk to someone who understands and has experienced the same challenges can be powerful and comforting. If you need guidance and support, or perhaps are after ideas on how you can grow and expand your business, why not utilise Quinlan Consulting Team’s 20-years of experience and its team members’ wealth of expertise?

Together we are rebuilding our business community. To learn more call Tom (0416 255 355) or email